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We Provide carton boxes for sale in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ruwais, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman and anywhere in UAE for packaging purposes and also we have other packing materials Abu Dhabi. Now we will go a little deep to Carton Boxes and other Packaging Materials. If you are looking to buy carton boxes in UAE then you arrived on accurate portal also we provide home delivery service all over UAE.

What are Packaging Materials?

Packaging Materials are the items which are used to pack stuff to protect from scratches and break. There are so many Packaging Materials in Abu Dhabi used for protection of stuff. Like (Carton Boxes, Carton Roll, Clear Tapes, Air Bubble Roll, Polythene Sheet, Stretch Film Roll, Thermo Cal Sheet, Brown Tape, Masking Tape, Weight Paper, Packaging Peanuts, Strap Roll in Abu Dhabi).

What is Carton Box?

A Carton Box is a box, that is known by multiple names Card Board Box, Carton Box, and Corrugated Box. The Carton Box is made of Paper the empty carton box in Abu Dhabi weighs from 300g to 1500g. A carton box is possible in any color and any dimensions. The carton boxes are different sizes from ( XM to XL ) all sizes of products listed on the website. We sell boxes in Abu Dhabi if you are looking to buy carton boxes in Abu Dhabi then you have to check our categories.


How Carton Box Manufacture?

The base of Carton box is a tree and wood. The tree wood is converts to paper in paper manufacturing company. Then they supply to box manufacturers. “Carton boxes in Abu Dhabi are not manufacture here inside of city”. There are different machinery they cut paper roll from different angles in different sizes. When They finish to cut paper roll then submit to another machine which is use gum to paste multiple papers together and make a strong wall of box. Then submit to another machine and they fold it by 4 sides and joint it.

How to use Carton Box?

Normally we use carton box for packaging purposes but here is the most important thing that how to properly use it. If you buy carton box in Abu Dhabi and you don’t know how to use cardboard box for packaging this is especially for you. First of all open a carton box from folded boxes bundle and keep it straight then take tape and put it on sides of box like hold down two small sides first and then large and put tape around three times. Then put tape on another angle and also make square on the bottom of box because the bottom sides are afford all the load of a box if you are putting anything heavy then you have to put tape also on bottom sides of carton box. As you finish box loading then repeat the process and close it.

Usage of Box

Carton box is use for everything excluding liquids. For example we use for Stationery, household items and many more which are I can’t explain here all.

Popular Categories

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Bubble Roll

Bubble Roll is a Plastic Roll which is use for Packaging Purposes which is made by Plastic and air. Air Bubble roll is made by small small bubbles which are full of air. It’s mostly use for small items packing like if you want to shift glasses or cups to another country or place so you have to pack it in carton box but only carton box is not enough you should must use bubble roll between every cup and glass then it’ll be very protective. We Provide Bubble roll in Abu Dhabi if you want to buy Bubble Roll in Abu Dhabi then you have to contact us.

Stretch Film Roll

Stretch Roll is a Plastic Roll which is use for very tight packaging Purpose. Stretch Film Roll is use for Furniture Boxes and Clothes packaging even you can use it for everything. If you want to pack your items properly then you have to buy stretch film roll in Abu Dhabi. We provide with home delivery service. It is a common tool for unitizing products for shipping or transport. Our stretch films are transparent and strong, they do not tear easily further they provide a barrier from water and moisture to ensure your package is safe and secure.